For International Students

Computer and Communication Networking

Features of the program

It is a four-year Bachelor Degree in Applied Information Sciences. It offers a unique blend of technology and business subjects with an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds that employers are looking for

Admission Requirements:

English @ 12th Standard and one of the following:
#Math 12U Advanced Functions
#Math 12U Calculus and Vectors
#Math 12U Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent
IELTS band 6.5 (minimum)

Employment opportunities

Project management analyst, IT program manager, Technical account managers, Business account manager ,Network administrators, Network analysts, Network support

Computer Engineering - Embedded Networks

It is a three-year program which will prepare  student for a challenging career with the latest in computer embedded and networks technology. The program will evolve during his enrolment to reflect the ever-growing innovations of the Internet embedded revolution. Internet embedded computer interfaces and protocols are typically found in automobiles, airplanes, appliances, home automation, security systems, traffic light controls and other applications with sensors and actuators.

This three-year program will prepare the student for a variety of full-time jobs in the computer industry, including product design and development, manufacturing, service and technical sales. Student will obtain an in-depth education in microcontroller programming and interface (with different chips like Motorola, PIC, and Atmel), real time operating system, system-on-chip using Xillinx, digital signal processing, wireless networks, data communications, database, quality assurance and industrial controls. He will be able to assist in design, and troubleshoot, analyze, repair, test, measure and document a variety of computer based control systems and subsystems.

An optimum balance between theory and hands-on labs, with technical problem-solving incorporated into each component, is also provided. Student will be able to graduate as a technician after the first two years, or continue in this three-year technology program.span

Admission Requirements:

English @ 12th Standard and one of the following:

Math 11M or U, or 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent

IELTS band 6.5 (minimum)

Employment opportunities

Graduates of this program will be hired as network programer by multinational companies like Optys ,Research In Motion (RIM),Solectron, Telesat, Toronto Hydro, ViDix Technology Corp.

Computer Engineering Technician

 It is a three/two year diploma program in computer engineering technology. Innovation is the rule in computer Engineering Technology, and it the hallmark of the computer engineering diploma program .This program  provides hands-on experience and a problem-solving approach to computer engineering technology, teaching students to find creative, outside-the-box solutions to real-world computer engineering problems.

Students develop high-level programming and computer engineering skills that translate directly to the workplace and are in high demand among employers. During third year, student can apply for one of three paid co-op work terms, gaining professional experience to augment his studies.

The program places more emphasis on fundamental math and engineering principles than most computer engineering colleges. Second- and third-year courses focus on advanced computer engineering concepts, ranging from software development to embedded systems design. Student will learn to:

  • Design, implement, and maintain the architecture for computer systems and networks
  • Create process control, data acquisition, and data management solutions
  • Integrate networking technologies with information systems
  • Work with microcontrollers, wireless systems, and other consumer-product technologies
  • Design and manage information servers

 The three paid co-op work terms occur in the second and third year for which a separate application process is required.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12   with English and Mathematics

Minimum 50% marks in all subjects.

IELTS score 6.00 bands

Employment Opportunities

Computer engineering technology skills are extremely marketable across many industries. Graduates  of this program are particularly well qualified for jobs that involve programmable controllers, data acquisition systems, embedded controllers and electronic instrumentation. However, they will find employment opportunities wherever a technologist is required with multiple skills in programming and hardware integration.

Graduates may obtain employment as:

  • Embedded Systems Designers
  • Network Analysts and/or Network Installers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Designers
  • Software Specialists
  • Product Development Specialists
  • Programmers

With experience, graduates may move into management and supervisory positions.

Systems Technician( Software Engineering)

Features of the program:

It is a two-year diploma (4 semesters) program in Computer Software Engineering.

Computer Software Engineering is the hall mark of current century. Graduates of program possess practical, workplace-ready software engineering skills that translate directly to the workplace.
The program focuses on following four core areas of software engineering:

  • Programming and software development in Java, C, C#, and .NET environment
  • Database management and administration
  • Network administration and security
  • Business system development

Student also study computer hardware (including architecture and applied operating systems design), business practice, management, and analysis, as well as a four-course math concentration that provides a deeper understanding of software engineering principles.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12  with Mathematics  and English

Minimum 60 % marks in all subjects.

IELTS 6.00 bands

Employment Opportunities

 Graduates of this program join multinational companies, banks, corporations, government and private organizations as:

  • Software Application Developer
  • System Administrator (Linux/Unix/Windows)
  • Web Designer
  • Database Application Developer/Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Programming
  • Technical Support Technologist
  • Software Support Technologist
  • System Security Specialist
  • PC/LAN User Support and Technical Analyst

Computer Software Development and Network Engineering with Co-op

Following are the features of this state of the art program in computer technology. It is based  more on hands on experience combined with theory.

  • State-of-the-art computing labs
  • Advanced hardware training (computer architecture, applied operating systems design, Linux/Unix, etc)
  • Software development in Java, C, C#, and .NET environment
  • Direct, hands-on instruction
  • Advanced concepts such as security, encryption, and gaming
  • A capstone project in Year 3 that consists of software development and network engineering work for a real-world business client
  • Highly paid co-op opportunities that enable students to combine classroom instruction with workplace experience

On completion of this program, students enter the  job market with practical, highly marketable software development and network engineering skills. They are ready to work from Day 1, with high potential to advance their career and maximize their earnings. 

Co-op students acquire paid workplace experience alongside their classroom instruction in software development and network engineering. After graduation, they often get full-time jobs with their co-op employers.

Option to upgrade it to Bachelor Degree in Applied Science in Computer Science.

Employment opportunities

Graduates of this program enter the job market as:

  • Software Application Developer
  • System Administrator (Linux/Unix/Windows)
  • Web Designer
  • Database Application Developer/Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Programming
  • Technical Support Technologist

Computer Programmer

Feature of the program:

It is a two-year diploma in computer programming.  The program can be completed in continuous four semesters thereby taking only sixteen months to complete this two year program.

It takes just 16 months to earn a computer programming diploma making it perfect for students who want to fast track their studies or make a career change. Students will complete the program in four continuous terms of 14 weeks each, taking computer programming courses in:

Java, C#, XML, and NET , Operating systems including Linux / Unix ,Object-oriented methodologies

Database design , Data communications ,Advanced web technologies ,Systems analysis and design Network configuration

Admission Requirements

Grade 12   with Mathematics  and English

60 % marks in all subjects.

IELTS 6.5 bands

Employment opportunities

On completion of this two-year program, students will get opportunities in the job market as : Customer Support Analyst, Computer Technician, Computer Programmer Database Application Support, Technical Sales Coordinator, Technical Support Representative  and Web Page Designer

Digital Animation

Features of the program

 It is a four-semesters program. Digital Animation program has launched the film and television careers of hundreds of talented digital artists. This is intensive and internationally recognized program. It is focused on production-style training and develops new skills for careers in: Film ,Television, Broadcast design and Game design. In students, it develops the skills of animating and creating visual effects for feature films, television shows and interactive games.

Academic requirements

Compulsory English @ 12th standard

IElTS 6.5 bands

Portfolio requirement: Portfolios to include: illustration, photography, video animation, computer generated artwork, music, performance art or publishing. To submit 10 to 15 pieces of your best work. Presentation should be neat and simple and not distract from the work itself. Your work should show your curiosity about the way things look and move in the world around you. Animation is a means of creative expression, so your portfolio should demonstrate your ability to generate ideas.

Employment opportunities;

 On completion of this program students join the job market as: Lighters, Modelers, Riggers, Level designers for games, Texture artists, Technical directors, Compositors, Visual effects supervisors