For International Students

Business Administration
Business : General

Features of the program

General diploma program is a flexible two-year program that explores different opportunities in business.It covers topics  such as:

  • Analysis of the business environment
  • Starting a new business
  • Managing a business
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • E-commerce management


Engaging, Hands-on Activities

Through practical, hands-on classroom activities, including such assignments as working with a team to sell a product in a non-traditional way, you learn about making business decisions, planning, working with a team, using business computer applications and how to write effective business correspondence. By the time you complete the Business diploma program, you will have well honed problem-solving abilities that will serve you well in your career.

Business Administration - Finance

Features of the program

Two/Three diploma in Business Finance which runs into four/six  semesters.
Finance Advanced Diploma gives knowledge to begin a career in business finance. In the program  activities are used such as  stock portfolio game, in-depth studies of actual corporate financials and team assignments that bring together students from different business disciplines to prepare a complete business plan for a company.

We continually seek input from successful business people to ensure the Business Administration - Finance curriculum is up-to-date and equips you with the skills and knowledge most valued by employers. Each course is taught by a professor who is not only a seasoned educator, but also an experienced business professional who is respected in the business community. This combination has led to high respect for this Business Administration- Finance Program and greater co-op and employment opportunities for students and graduates. Students learn about the following:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Business Computer Applications
  • Investments
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Taxation
  • Credit Planning

This program fully prepare the  students to secure a position within a financial institution, a position in the finance department of a company, or to undertake one of the numerous professional designations open to college or university graduates. In addition, when students complete the Investments 1 and 2 courses and register with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), they will be ready to write the Canadian Securities Course they offer and earn a certificate.

Business Administration : Human Resource

Features of the program
It is a three/two year diploma program in Business Administration-Human Resource prepares  the student to  join a Human Resources department in a business, non-profit organization or governmental agency. As an HR pro, it will be his responsibility to choose the right people to fill positions, provide top-notch training for them and make sure they are paid fairly. And that is just the beginning of the challenges the student will face in this important role.
In the first year, student acquires the foundational skills he needs to succeed in any business administration career. The second year of the Human Resource college program delivers hands-on training in vital HR skills through:

  • Role playing activities
  • Internet research assignments and classroom presentations
  • Guest speaker presentations
  • Simulated negotiation situations

Student will gain knowledge of the latest trends in organizational behaviour, human resources planning and employment law. In addition, he will learn to work as part of a team on projects and learn how to use the most current business software including PeopleSoft and SuperHR information management systems.

This program equips the student to :

  • Recruit top quality applicants.
  • Compensate employees correctly 
  • Manage workplace health and safety issues 
  • Provide outstanding training programs for employees 
  • Retain top performers 
  • Handle an organization downsizing or workforce reassignment 
  • Deliver feedback and coaching that improves performance 
  • Understand and use HRIS : Human Resources Information Systems

If student completes his three:year HR advanced diploma with the required grades in specific courses designated by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), he will meet the course requirements which are the first step toward the professional designation Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

Throughout the program, the student is encouraged to build his personal network within the HR field, by attending events planned by the Human Resources Interscholastic Council. This student-led group organizes activities throughout the year to promote the HR profession and provide interaction with human resources practitioners.

Co op Opportunity

In the three-year HR advanced diploma program, student will have the opportunity to undertake a co-op education working for three paid terms in a program-related position. Co op experiences provide real world experience so valued by employers and enhance the training you receive in the classroom.

Employment opportunities

Employed as:
Personal Loan Officers, Customer Service Officers ,Budget Analysts ,Assistant Brokers
Sales Representative for Mutual Funds, Financial Planners, Office Managers, Financial Analysts
By Companies like
 Financial institutions, Chartered banks, Trust companies, Investment houses, Insurance Companies, Hospitals and non-profit organizations, Merchandising companies, Leisure industries, Manufacturing Consumer products, Residential services

Business Administration : Marketing

It is a three/two  year diploma program in marketing. Student studies all aspects of marketing including:
Basic business skills such as finance and how to use business computer software 

  • Research skills : the core of a sound marketing strategy 
  • How companies like Apple, Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart keep customers satisfied
    through customer relationship management 
  • International business skills : how to go global

Co op Opportunity

In a three-year Marketing advanced diploma, student can add valuable work experience to his resume through cooperative education. He spend his final two years in the program alternating between school and work, applying what he is learning in class in the workplace.

University options
            After completion of each of the above programs, students have opportunity to transfer diploma credits to university for undergraduate/graduate  degree
Admission requirements for all the above business programs:
          10+2 level
          Mathematics upto 12th standard
          IELTS 6.00 band