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EICC - Education Invention Centre of Canada
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In the past days searching for the college or the universities for perusing education was difficult to counsel and judge which college would suit you? But today we have Education Invention Centre of Canada (EICC) to make it easy to choose the best college in Canada. EICC is an organization that guides the students to select the best education in their perspective field of interest and guide them to grow with their education.

SPP Program

Under the Student Partners Program (SPP) students in India will receive "special attention" and their applications are likely to be successful if they meet the criteria established by the SPP.

Who can apply?

Citizens of India wishing to study in Canada as a full-time student can apply under SPP program. Applications can be sent to visa offices in New Delhi or Chandigarh according to the applicant's place of residence.


It is strongly recommended that you submit your application by 01 August for September entry and by 01 December for January entry. Applications for a Study Permit received after August 15 for programs beginning in September or after December 15 for the ones beginning in January will not normally be processed in time for the start of class and will likely be refused.

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