For International Students

Energy Engineering with (Co-op)

In this program, students learns the fundamental skills to understand energy and its uses in modern society. The program is challenging, but offers a unique blend of technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills that are highly sought after in modern energy and sustainable building companies. Student can graduate as a technician after the first two years or continue onto paid work experience or follow a purely academic path to an advanced diploma.

Professional Technology Option

This program offers an optional professional technology year (PTY). Academically-qualified students enhance their education by working a full calendar year as paid employees in the field. The experience not only allows you to put classroom learning into practice, but also provides valuable contacts for future careers.

Academic Requirements

12th standard with English and Mathematics.
IELTS 6.5 bands.

Employment opportunities

A widening skilled-labour shortage and quickly advancing technology in the energy sector are creating huge demand for technicians who possess a breadth of knowledge across the mechanical, electrical, electronic and automation engineering fields.

Graduates of this program work with architectural companies to integrate energy technologies into the latest green buildings, apply knowledge of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics and mechanics to industries such as: moulding and casting, integrated circuit packaging, heat exchanger/boiler design and manufacture, and petrochemical processing