For International Students

Mining Engineering Technician Program

This is a two/three year program. Students can enroll first in the two year program and can go over to the third year program. Features of the program are:

Mining is a rapidly changing industry that requires significant technical expertise. The Mining Engineering Technician and Technologist functions as a part of an engineering team, coping with the many and varied technical problems which arise daily in the field, office, or underground. Some typical fields of work include surveying, drafting, design, environmental studies, industrial, geological and geophysical fieldwork, ventilation engineering, rock mechanics, and supervision.

Mining students should have an interest in how and why things work. He/she should like the active lifestyle involved in this type of work, where change is the rule rather than the exception. Each day brings new problems requiring innovative solutions, and for this reason the student should feel comfortable with change and challenge. For those people who do choose this career, there are many benefits. The mining and related industries have always been among the highest paying sectors of the economy.

In the fourth semester, students eligible for graduation may receive mine training at a local mine, subject to industrial participation. This training, known as "Basic Underground Common Core" supports the educational experience at Cambrian.

In the third year the mining enginneering technologist, like the technician, functions as a part of an engineering team. However, the technologist receives a greater depth of training in mining theory and the associated mathematics and computer techniques. The technology courses place more emphasis on problem solving and design work in the classroom.

Admission Requirements

12th standard with English, Mathematics and  Physics.

In addition, student should have computer competency in relevant field.

IELTS 6.00 bands


Employment opportunities


Graduates of this program may get employment in the operations of large or small mines and may be employed in the mine engineering office or in mine production as a supervisor.
Some graduates may work in more specialized areas such as:  rock mechanics, mine ventilation,  air conditioning , mine safety .

Many technicians/technologists may also work for government agencies or as technical sales representatives with the industrial suppliers who service this huge industry. Others may elect to work overseas. A career in mining may offer travel opportunities, varied living environments, and experience with other cultures and people.